I am a business Administration major with a minor in mathematics attending North Dakota State University. I am taking entrepreneurship in hope to learn new skills to help me through this leap project of learning about the real estate market and a potential future business.

Let’s first start off with a little more background:

used from powerpoint lecture slides

I have been inspired by my godparents and my older sister Jesseca. Family has always been the center of my life, and I will always have that close and strong family bond. The people that helped raised me inspired me to go out and make something of this world. They gave me my values of having equality, and having empathy, and taught me that money is not most important in this world. Another strong contributor to my interest in this world was my mother. She has been flipping houses since before I was born, and being apart of her projects brought some of the worst and the best memories, and that helped me fall in love with homes and property.

used from powerpoint lecture slides

My future plan looks as shown above, of getting my Minnesota real estate license within the year, and then getting my foot in the real estate world while finishing up my final semesters of college. One big thing for me is when I graduate is getting a dog, and a partner in crime to help me in long hours and late nights. Then looking to the future me, I hope to be moved back home towards the Twin Cities or out West closer to my extended family.

Now, it’s time for my leap and my challenge:

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My leap for this semester is to learn more about being a realtor, and begin business plan for owning my all in one real estate company that will buy, sell, and or flip houses for our customers, and being that all in one company that you can come to for your needs.

I am taking this leap for many reasons, but the main one has been my recent love for real estate, and wanting to work in the field. It is so self driven and entrepreneurial, and the market is always competitive. I have been so unsure of my future and what I wish it will hold, but my goal to get my real estate license and begin selling houses is fast approaching, and I feel the need to learn more and develop as many skills as I possibly can to help me and my future endeavors.